Prices and Valuations

A common question we are asked is how much is my item worth and how much will you pay me?

Although the contents of every collection for us is different the items themselves always follow the same pattern in regards to value.

For items that are brand new in the box and are still currently sold in model shops the price we will usually get for them is around 50-75% Of the current RRP.
(For Example an item that costs £100 will usually sell for £50-75)

For Items that used but are in excellent condition (Like New) and are still avaible to be purchased from a model shop the price we usually sell these for is 50-75% of the current RRP.
(For Example an item that costs £200 will usually sell for £100-150)

most items however they do usually show signs of being used but are still available to be purchased from a model shop for example a perfectly working engine that shows signs of use and has a few marks on it (No Broken mounting lugs or fins) we will usually get around 25-35% of the current RRP.
(For Example an engine costing £400 we will usually sell this for £100-150)

For items that have been either repaired or damaged such as an engine with a repaired exhaust port or missing parts or a servo with a broken mounting lug or a brushless motor with a bent shaft these usually have very little value.

For items that are still perfectly usable just outdated and no longer avaible these will usually have a minimal value such as old 35mhz gear and old servos this will usually have a resale value of around 5-10% of the original RRP .

For items based mainly on technology such as Multi-rotors these are very difficult sellers due to the technology inside them continuously being updated for a standard Hobby Grade Multi Rotor this will usually have a value of 10-15% of the original RRP while Professional grade systems can vary between 5-15% of the original RRP,

Airframes that are sold as (Airframe only) If they're in pristine condition these will usually sell for 40-60% of the current RRP.
For used airframes that haven't been repaired this number will usually be around 25-40% of the current RRP
While Airframes that are well used and have minor repairs these usually sell for 10-15% of the current RRP
Any radio equipment left in the models these can be valued but using the information found on this page

Airframes that have mould or are fuel soaked or major repairs or have been poorly built commonly have no value and will be disposed off!.

Modelling Accessories such as Spinners, Wheels, Screws, Nuts Bolts, Engine Mounts and Fuel tanks, Propellers are on the verge of being worthless due to most aero modellers having a large collection of these already and rarely need anymore for items that are brand new or very good condition these might sell for 50p an item on a bright sunny day! But other than that there value is negligible.

Vintage and collectable items can be hard to price at times due to the value of them being dependant on how many people are looking for that item at any one time. Please get in touch with us for current prices for your Vintage and collectable items. Although these MUST be in good condition. Damaged or very worn items usually have very little resale value.

Part built kits or kits missing pieces are usually worthless or have a very small resale value even if something as little as the tail plane has been built the value of the kit will plummet in value unless the kit originally something very expensive or desirable these will usually be disposed off.

Unfortunately the time spent on the hobby on building or enjoying the hobby does not have any value and will not affect what we will offer you for your items.

There can be exceptions to these trend but on the whole these are the prices we regularly achieve on items.

We will usually pay 50 of what we believe we can realistically get for your items
(For Example if we
believe we can get £1,000 for your items we will offer you somewhere around £500 depending on external factors such as distance and overall time required to collect)