Q. How do you operate?

A. We ask people to send photos of their models to us via email or WhatsApp. We then arrange a viewing in person to negotiate a deal. Please note this process can vary subject to requirements.

Q. How will I know you will offer me a fair price for my model?

A. Our 30+ years of experience of the RC circuit gives us a unique and broad knowledge of the industry. We have learnt over time what sells and for what prices. We aim to offer fair prices based on our previous experiences. Our 10,000 strong customer base frequently give us glowing reviews, with one customer describing our offered price as ‘more than reasonable'. We are here to help, not hinder

Q. Where do you sell your items?

A. We predominantly sell through our eBay shop A Plane Olde Bargain, We also list items on the BMFA Classified and specific dedicated Facebook groups. Our good standing amongst its members is evident in our many positive reviews. We also regularly have stalls at swap meets across the country.

Q. What happens if we disagree with the price you have offered us.

A. Nothing. Our years of experience in the industry means we are in a unique position to give fair opinions on the prices we can expect items to sell for, and this is reflected in the prices we offer. If we can not agree on a price we will wish you well and would have enjoyed a nice chat and a cuppa with you.

Q. Do you purchase turbines?

A. We do purchase turbines, although we strongly encourage you to try all other possible avenues first before contacting us due to depreciation and it being such a niche market