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Welcome To APOB - A Plane Olde Bargain

We have recently taken over Martin Thompson's company and are now in the process of marrying the two companies into APOB - A Plane Olde Bargain.

We have known Martin for many years now and our two business's have worked closely together over the last year or so.

It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to working with Martin on a daily basis for anyone that knows Martin will know what an amazing guy he is to work with and we will miss all the fun we once had but we have to wish Martin well with the next chapter on his journey and we also know that Martin will truely shine in whatever he decides to turn his hand to next.

Moving forward we will continue to be doing the same things that Martin has been doing so well over the years but hopefully with a little more man power we will be able to grow the business and take it forward marrying it perfectly with APOB which is already successfully trading as a retail entity for all the wonderful purchases of your unwanted Model Aircraft.

I can ensure you that you will be in as safe a hands as you were with Martin. My husband Matthew How has been flying since he was 4 years old. Was one of the youngest registered instructors with BMFA and what he doesnt know about the RC scene isnt worth mentioning. I have run many a successful business and will be on hand to support Matt in the office a friendly voice on the end of the phone waiting to help with all your future enquiries, my name is Briony and myself and Matthew work together as a husband and wife team.

APOB delivering great prices and services since 2021!!